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Secret of Nutrition

Language:    Published: 2020-05-30   Modified: 2020-07-29   Views: 140   Category: Research

(DISCLAIMER: consult your doctor before doing anything told here.)

Simply put: don't eat lots of fat and carbohydrate in the same day and you're eating healthy.

A bit longer explanation is that you have two different kind of days:

  1. One day you can eat protein and fat together as much as you want [1]. Minimize carbohydrate in that day.
  2. The other day you can eat protein and carbohydrate as much as you want. This day you must minimize fat.

Above means you must skip many delicacies (like meat pie) but who told you that it's possible to eat healthy without any sacrifices? I assure you have lots of good stuff left [2].

Alcohol is allowed only in the "other days" when you eat carbonhydrate. Ketosis and alcohol is a fatal combination. It's also required to have the same kind of days at least two in a row because metabolism mechanism of the human body takes some time to adapt.

[1] Research "ketosis" for more information.
[2] I'll post my list a bit later.